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Updated Monday, 10 February 2003

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Because the file was getting so large, Neil has divided it up into a number of smaller files. This will make it easier if you are looking in a particular category.

Neil’s Monster Link Files

About the Bible (32k) Biblical exposition or commentary

Articles and Books (960k)

Bible Content (52k)

Biography Links (40k)

Children’s Resources (16k) Children’s Bible Stories, Crafts, Puppets

Church Planting (140k) links provided through support given by the United Evangelistic Council

General Utilities (40k) Software download, search engine, utilities, etc

Home Pages (80k) Major site/organisation (most with many resources)


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In the list of web links please note -

"pp" Indicates size of larger files (approx. no. of pages in 14pt Times)
"bio" files are biographical

The ACL does not necessarily agree with the views expressed on these websites. We encourage you to test their content by the Bible, the Word of God.

We want to provide good service to those who use our links. Kindly let us know by e-mail any sites that have been closed down or changed their address.

SOME OF THE MATERIALS AVAILABLE through these links...

Bible exposition, Commentaries, Concordances, Bible studies, Sermons, Bible programmes (free downloads), foreign language Bibles, Biblical languages (Heb/Gk), Bible Reading plans, Children's Bible talks, crafts, puppets.
Encyclopedias (e.g Brittanica, Columbia), entire books for download, whole libraries, online magazines, quotations
Articles, brief, short, and long. Reports, Critiques, Reviews, Poems.
Biography, testimonies.
Missions, Mission maps, Evangelism, Church Planting, Tentmaking, Discipling, Training.
Theology: Biblical, Reformed, Systematic, Covenantal.
Christology, Ecclesiology, The Ministry.
Cults: analyses, warnings.
Current thought, Apologetics, Medical Ethics, Education, Philosophy.
Denominational trends, problems, liturgies, church law
History - ancient and modern, Church History
Historic doctrinal standards, catechisms, confessions, creeds.
Sacraments, Tradition, Roman Catholicism, Liberalism, Neo-Pentecostalism.
Home pages of local churches, mission & vision statements, church signs.
Computer Shareware/Freeware including: Church cartoons, Clip art, various photographs, pictures of historical people and places, maps, fonts, search engines, web page design aids.
Phone directories (Australia and world-wide), weather maps and forecasts for Australia and the world, world news.

IF YOU CANNOT ACCESS A PARTICULAR LINK, try going through the home page address.
e.g. if you cannot access

A few important references show two websites to ensure that they remain accessible. Some filenames in this list differ from the originals in order to give a clearer idea of the content.

Neil Prott

Neil Prott served as Rector of the parish of Kurrajong in Sydney until 1998 and is now spends much of his time encouraging ministers of the gospel - both in Sydney and in country areas.


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